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Reprint Business Certificate With CTC


A certified true copy (CTC) is the copy of a document that is stamped and signed as a true copy of the original by a person who is allowed to take declarations.

The Companies Commission of Malaysia said all certified true copy (CTC) documents issued through its online system are valid and certified like the documents stored in register.

In a statement issued on Friday 2019, the commission said the development of the system was in order and in accordance to the law administered.

“Accordingly, stressed that copies of documents used by the people are legally binding and there is no basis to doubt its validity.

“also denied the claim of a news portal that the validity of its online CTC is doubtful,” said in a statement.

Public will no longer need to go to offices to obtain documents with CTC stamp. Government agencies in the likes of Immigration, Road Transport (JPJ) and Municipal Councils have implemented the use of these documents for official submissions. Digital CTC is a transformation of the manual document authentication service through a combination of statutory imaging technology, digital signature, date time stamping and Quick Response Code (QR code) with security features.